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At MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE GROUP, listening to you is the most important part of our design process. We take as much time as necessary to meet with you, your architect, designer, builder, or other consultant to define a scope of work.

the design process

With many years of experience in digital entertainment, MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE GROUP creates a wiring infrastructure with future-proof capabilities for your high-speed Internet connection, digital TV, Wi-Fi signal, and whatever comes next. This structured wiring system also allows you to distribute crystal-clear audio and video to every room in your environment.

MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE GROUP expertly produces detailed wire schedules, which specify each wire's individual tag, function, and starting and ending point. We carefully select the best components on the market to provide phenomenal performance and ease of use, at any given price point. While we know what works best, we welcome your input and always design a program that is uniquely yours.